Ceramic laminates are the ceramic leaves which are applied to the front surface of the teeth after etching. For this purpose, 0.3 – 0.7 mm of tissue is removed from the tooth surface and prepared lamina adhered to the tooth surface after necessary checks.

Ceramic laminates are ideal treatment option in presence of minor anomalies where orthodontic treatment is not required, gaps between teeth, discoloration can not be solved by whitening, surface anomalies, shape, form and size irregularities.

Laminate Composite Crowns (Adhesive System – Bonding)

Composite laminates are additions applied to tooth surface similar to ceramic laminates in order to eliminate shape, form and size irregularities. Unlike the material used in the porcelain laminates composite filling materials are used. The main advantages of composite laminates are; minimum or no tissue removal from the tooth surface, no anesthesia is necessary, implementation in a single session and being economical.

Smile Design

Smile design, as well as the appearance of teeth, gums and surrounding tissues, such as bone surrounding the tooth smile reveals the influence.

The target of smile design is to create restorations which are nearest to natural facial lines, shapes and colors. For this purpose, if intervene in the gum and bone tissues are necessary, with reference to jaw surgeon and endodontic specialist, the most appropriate smile is obtained by using porcelain or composite lamina, unsupported metal-ceramic crowns and implant applications where necessary.