Dental laser operations are carried out on soft and hard tissues. Some of these applications are, cleaning of dental caries, root canal therapy, dental fillings, all types of surgical procedures in the jawbone and gums, gum shaping, aesthetic dental treatments, removal of tooth sensitivity, lightening dark color edgums, teeth whitening, cold sores and canker sores treatments.

Laser Aided Periodontal Services

  • Surgical procedure phases of flap operations
  • Lightening dark colored gums
  • Gingiva forming

Laser Aided Implant Services

Stages of implant surgery applications with laser technology.

Laser Aided General Dental Services

  • Cleaning of tooth decay
  • Channel treatments
  • Removal of tooth sensitivity
  • Dental Fillings
  • Treatment of canker sore and cold sores

Laser Aided Aesthetics Services

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Preparation for porcelain laminate veneers
  • Aesthetic dental treatments

Laser Aided Surgery Services

  • All kinds of surgical procedures onjaw bone
  • All types of surgical procedures on gums
  • Laser Aided Pedodontic Dentistry Services
  • Children’s dental fillings
  • Cleaning of tooth decay

Why Dental Laser Applications?

  • As 100% disinfection and sterilization is provided in areas where laser is used the caries formation and re-infection risks are eliminated.
  • Steps of the surgical procedure becomes simpler with the laser technology and time is gained.
  • With laser surgical applications, not during the process hardly any bleeding. Every surgical complications that may arise after the application, decreases swelling and discomfort and a more rapid recovery is likely.
  • The tooth surface roughening perfectly during porcelain laminate veneer preparation, effects 100% containment of the restoration.
  • Having bleeding-free recovery operations in soft tissue is very great advantage which results very quick recovery, especially in the treatment of pediatric patients.
  • The act of selective implementation on only rotten tissue of power adjustable laser beam enables completion of treatment with minimum material loss.
  • Laser dentistry, often shortens the treatment process and the more successful results can be obtained with less effort.
  • Laser applications must not be confused with filling applications where composite material is hardened by a light source.
  • With the new generation dental lasers it is possible to work without contacting teeth or other tissues. In this way, the pain does not occur due to friction heat and vibration.
  • The required surgical procedure (revealing the implant body by opening gum) in implant treatment applications to built the upper structure (fixed teeth) becomes simpler by using laser and time is gained.
  • The successful outcome of Laser teeth whitening procedures can be obtained in a very short time.
  • For patients with genetically excessive gingival purple coloration (hyperpigmentation) problem can be eliminated with the laser peel (peeling) in 3 or 4 sessions.
  • Laser is also used for treatment of soft tissue and gingival wounds. Fibromas formed in the mouth (benign pathological tissue growth) can be eliminated with lasers.
  • Laser etching of the tooth surface before bonding crowns, reduces the risk of falls in cosmetic dentistry applications like, porcelain laminates, procera crowns and empress crowns.