The word meaning of Pedodontics is “Pediatric Dentistry” and is a branch of dentistry examining oral and dental healthof children during the period beginning from the birth to the end of puberty.

The scope of work is; monitoring and prevention ofdisorders of tooth eruption in children, preventive implementations for children, caries treatments of milk and permanent teeth, treatment of negativities that will arise in the formation of early tooth loss by using apparatus and achieve proper teeth sequence.


Milk Teeth Sliding Time Fall Time
İncisor 6 – 12 Months 7 Age
Lateral İncisor 8 Age
Canine Tooth 18 – 24 Months 9 Age
Molar Teeth 1th 12 – 18 Months 10 Age
Molar Teeth 2th 24 – 30 Months 11 Age
Permanent Teeth Eruption Time
Incisor 7 Age
Lateral Incisor 8 Age
Canine Tooth 10 Age
Premolar Teeth 9-11 Age
Molar Teeth 1th 6 Age
Molar Teeth 2th 12 Age
Molar Teeth 3th 17-21 Age


Treatment of deciduous teeth is planned according to teeth falling age and the depth and shape of the tissue loss. Teeth can be restored by crowns or filling materials. If left untreated, the infection will affect emerging permanent teeth. If it is necessary that the tooth is extracted, tooth deformity will be experienced.


If the milk teeth is extracted before the age of natural fall, the decision should be made in the construction of the placeholder to prevent a space loss. The place holder should remain in the mouth until the expected teeth comes.

Placeholders can be in two different types; fixed or moving.Fixed placeholders are adhered on to the tooth and removed by the dentist when permanent tooth comes. Moving placeholders, can be removed by the child.

Caries Preventive Procedures

Topical fluoride application to teeth (tooth enamelstrengthening fluoride preparations) or fissure sealant (tooth on the teeth crevices and depressions clinging tightly closed sealent) implementations are more economical than the treatment of teeth, due to a very short and painless process methods that can be easily applied on children.