Bleaching is the process where teeth are covered by aspecial gel and the process is accelerated by using a light source.

The mechanism of bleaching is in the form of anoxidation-reduction reaction. Ingredients used in the process reveals oxygen. Substances discoloring teeth are replaced with uncolored substances and bleaching occurs.

Causes of Teeth Discoloration

Environmental factors: a lack of brushing, diet-related chromogens, dental bacteria plaque on the surface of the tooth, a trauma, coloring foods such as red wine, tea and coffee.

Professional reasons: Exposure to metallic salts.

Genetic factors: Geneticfactors are due to the dark color of the tooth, antibiotics used during childhood, amelogenezis imperfecta, dentinogenezis imperfecta, as well as tissue diseases like dental fluorosis.

Previous dentaltreatment: Discoloration due to canal treatments and amalgam fillings.

Prior to the bleaching process, any rotten teeth, gingivitis, inflammation of the gums, should not exist. In such cases all ofthe treatments which are necessary are applied before the bleaching process.Cause of discolorations should be determined before the bleaching process. Typeof bleaching is then selected.

In Tooth Whitening

Is the process applied to devitalized tooth. Tooth whiteningis applied by placing gel into the tooth if exposed to trauma before, or discoloration occurs after the root canal treatment. 35% Perhidrol solution is placed on the tooth and process is repeated in certain periods untill adequate whiteness is provided.

Out Tooth Whitening

Sealer placed on teeth is activated by using the light source. Applied gel is super caustic substance. Therefore, reversible staining on surrounding soft tissues may occur. Therefore before starting the operation lipsare isolated and gums are covered by a barrier of special light-curing.

Whitening sessions by using normal light device takes about 30-45 minutes and the result is immediately observable. Duration of treatment depends on the level of whiteness which does not cause any damage. The whitening process is 3 sessions every other day.

In cases where laser light device is used the session takes1 hour and completed.

Whitening process has no effect on the sealants and fillings.Therefore, they must be renewed according to the color obtained from bleaching. Whitening procedure is a  repeated process in time and the frequency depends on the patient’s habits. For this reason, must be renewed at regular intervals.