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Aesthetic Dentistry

What is Aesthetic Dentistry?

With Aesthetic Dentistry, you can easily achieve the smiles you dream of. It is an area applied by those who care about aesthetic appearance as much as oral and dental health. Providing an impressive tooth and jaw structure is the main goal here. With the developing technology, the demands in the mouth and teeth area are also in the direction of aesthetic appearance.

This technology is also widely used in aesthetic dentistry. With active participation in social life, aesthetic concerns occur in people. For this reason, one of the areas that attract the most attention is smiles and tooth structures. The aesthetic formation to be applied in this region is determined according to the physical and social characteristics of the person.

An aesthetic design is created as a result of the physical appearance that changes from person to person. The most natural and ideal appearance is created in the computer environment by evaluating the person's mouth, face and jaw structure together.

After the person's approval and approval is obtained, the treatment process is started. It is an application that everyone is satisfied with the result of aesthetic dentistry applied by many people.


What is done in Aesthetic Smile Design?
Aesthetic Dental Treatments

Smile design is one of today's aesthetic dentistry formations. In aesthetic smile design, the patient's gender, order of teeth, age, tooth color, lip shapes, dreams and expectations are taken into consideration. According to all these features, a virtual design is made on the computer.

Then, improvements and innovations on the design are realized by playing on the virtual smile. The design structure is presented to us in the form of a preview and the change is easily provided.

Aesthetic smile design is the technique of giving a beautiful appearance by considering the teeth, face shapes and needs that have deteriorated aesthetic appearance. Aesthetic smile design is created by the application of many processes.

Since the mouth and face structure of each person is different, the procedures to be applied differ from person to person. The patient's age, gender, and most importantly, expectations are also effective in determining these procedures.

As one of the first procedures to be done, cavities on the teeth and yellowing, if any, are removed. Then the problems in the gums are eliminated. All treatment procedures are applied according to the dental needs of the person.

It is performed in accordance with the facial features with dental and dental aesthetic interventions. Teeth whitening is an important part of smile design. If the patient has a missing tooth, these deficiencies are eliminated with prosthesis and implant applications. In addition, veneers, porcelain laminates, zirconium veneers and orthodontic wire treatments are among the methods applied in smile design.

The model is created by taking the patient's face and mouth measurements. For the created model and the changes to be made on it, the process is continued with the consent of the patient. In the smile design, all mouth and tooth defects are removed and the patient is presented with the final state.

With these methods, tooth defects are removed without abrasion on the teeth. The teeth as a whole are given a white color. A harmony is achieved between the lip structure and the tooth arrangement. As a result of all these procedures, patient satisfaction is ensured by creating a smile suitable for facial features.

What Should Patients Pay Attention to in Aesthetic Dental Treatments in Aesthetic Smile Design?

In recent years, aesthetic dentistry has been the subject of research by most people. It should be noted that the aesthetic smile design is created according to the person and varies from person to person. Therefore, the most important decision maker in smile design is the patient himself. They should constantly follow the developments and changes on the model and express their opinions. Aesthetic smile design is not performed with a single operation as stated.

More than one procedure may be required depending on the patient's tooth structure and needs. The patient should follow these procedures and know exactly which procedures will be performed. The first step in aesthetic smile design is the analysis of the patient's facial features and tooth structure. Then, the teeth are handled in terms of shape and size and the appropriate tooth alignment is provided for the mouth structure.

A healthy appearance is created by making necessary arrangements in the gums. For this reason, the procedures performed on the teeth are called white aesthetics, and the aesthetic procedures on the gums are called pink aesthetics. In the most ideal smile design, white and pink aesthetics should complement each other.

In aesthetic smile design, the whole process is reported to the patient in a transparent way. The patient is informed about all procedures, changes and developments. In this design, progress is made in line with the demands of the patients. In these applications, not only an aesthetic appearance is provided, but also many dental problems are eliminated. With the aesthetic smile design, the patient gains self-confidence and can smile easily in society.

Things to Consider Before Deciding on Aesthetic Dentistry
Everyone knocks on the door of aesthetic dentistry to have a beautiful smile. In order to achieve an aesthetic dental appearance, the patient must be disciplined and patient. Before starting these procedures, there are some situations that the patient should know and pay attention to. Many aesthetic dental applications are not covered by insurance. No matter how permanent this process is, it should be repeated within 10 or 15 years.

Aesthetic dentistry can provide an aesthetic appearance and smile, but it cannot completely change your mouth structure. It is necessary to approach the treatment realistically and to maintain the expectation accordingly. In addition, the physician may be asked to approach with a transparent treatment approach throughout the process. It is necessary to be aware of every development and change. No matter how accurate and perfect the treatment is, the continuity of the aesthetic appearance after the treatment depends on the patient's effort.

Aesthetic dental applications are not a one-session treatment. The duration of treatment is determined according to the patient's dental problems and needs. It would be beneficial to make the patient aware of this issue. The patient's approval should also be obtained for the models and designs created for aesthetic appearance.

For this reason, information about the treatment process and development should be requested from your doctor. You can observe the processes applied for aesthetic appearance by following the technological developments.

What are the Methods Used in Aesthetic Dentistry?

Recently, applications to the field of aesthetic dentistry have increased due to appearances other than dental diseases. The teeth and mouth area is the area that attracts the most attention in our body. The way we smile in social life is very important to us. Tooth color and the arrangement of the teeth are factors that affect our smile. Aesthetic dentists create the desired appearance in the patient with various treatments and techniques.

Aesthetic dentistry applications are quite wide. With gum shaping, especially with smile design, the gums get a healthy appearance. One of the biggest problems here is the overgrowth of the gums. With permanent aesthetics, the gums are brought to the desired form.

Teeth whitening is a method applied to almost every patient in aesthetic dentistry. All teeth are whitened in the same shade without damaging the tooth enamel. Thus, the patient will have white and bright teeth.

With composite bonding applications, tooth enamel is hardened with a high-intensity beam device. At the end of the application, the problematic teeth and surrounding teeth complement each other and create a bright appearance. Filling is inevitable in teeth without tooth decay. Inlay and onlay fillings made of composite and porcelain materials are applied to the teeth.

These fillings are not noticeable in the tooth and are in harmony with other teeth. Since it is porcelain, its presence and absence can never be distinguished in the mouth. Porcelain laminate is an aesthetic procedure that is applied only to the front surfaces of the teeth.

If there are differences in color and shape between the teeth and orthodontic applications are not required due to skewness, porcelain laminates are applied. It is a very easy dental restoration process applied for people who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their front teeth.


Many people suffer from tooth loss. Implant application is made so that the area of tooth loss can function like a natural tooth root into the jawbone. Thus, a youthful smile is formed on the face.

In Which Situations Is Aesthetic Dentistry Applied?

Aesthetic dentistry can be applied to almost everyone according to the request of the person. It is applied in the presence of teeth that are broken as a result of impacts and bruises, especially teeth that change color over time.

This method can be applied if there is an irregular and crooked tooth structure. Aesthetic dentistry is also applied due to the correction of the deformity in the tooth structure. In addition, this method is used in cases of appearance disorder in the gums.

Aesthetic appearance is provided by the elimination and treatment of many dental problems. It is frequently used to remove color, shape and position differences between teeth. Gingival appearance and aesthetic loss, which usually occurs as a result of gingival recession, are eliminated with this method.

If there is a gap between the teeth, its application is inevitable. It is also applied to aesthetic filling application in caries-free teeth. Broken and fragmented teeth are restored. It is also applied to replace tooth loss. Thus, a unity is provided between the teeth.

While providing an aesthetic appearance with aesthetic applications, problematic teeth are also treated. Many neglected dental problems occur in aesthetic dentistry.

The main purpose of this application is to match the color and shape of the teeth. It is ensured that the teeth and gums are cleaned of caries and plaques. In addition, with the help of fillings, decay-free teeth are restored to their former functions.

Teeth and gums are aligned at the same level and an integrity is provided in terms of appearance. While performing all these procedures, the applications in the mouth and teeth are made by considering the facial features and physical structure of the person.

What Can Be Done for Whiter Teeth?

Although the desired appearance of the teeth is achieved with aesthetic dentistry, its continuity is in your hands. The most important factor affecting the appearance of teeth is tooth color. Due to its structure, teeth are a tissue that quickly turns yellow and darkens.

As everyone knows, teeth should be brushed at least twice a day and cleaned of dirt. However, the consumption of products that accelerate yellowing, such as cigarettes, coffee and tea, should be minimized.

The color of teeth is a condition that affects our communication in terms of our social environment. For this reason, oral and dental hygiene should be done regularly without interruption. You can also brush your teeth with a mixture of lemon and baking soda without damaging the tooth enamel.

As a result of regular brushing, a visible whiteness can be observed in the teeth. Mouthwashes prevent the formation of bacteria in the mouth. Thus, the occurrence of infection is minimized. It should not be forgotten that all these processes are effective as a result of regular application.

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